Steps to become a successful Architectural Photographer

Queens Mansion at Park Street, Kolkata Photographer

Every place has a rich and eventful history that helps define its personality. Evidence of this local aroma of life is, in a special way, preserved in our spiritual buildings and blessed sites. Whether it’s just down the road or something you’ll come across on holiday, visiting a place of worship is your chance to photograph part of cultural and spiritual history. Here’s is some details on how to become a successful architectural photographer.

Plan Your Voyage (Where to Visit)-

First up, you’ll need to find a site. If you don’t live in an area with many famous historical places, you might need to do some research to find a proper building to photograph. Not to worry—finding local resources is part of the fun with this kind of photography. You could even plan a trip around somewhere special that interests you.

Once you’ve found your topic, it’s imperative to remember that every building is different. Do some research into the history of the building. Take your time and try to avoid cliché compositions. Think about how you can capture the building’s character, eminence and history in your work.

Old Building at Hooghly photographer
Old Building at Hooghly

A good photographer doesn’t haste

Upon visiting the building, don’t just commence snapping away; have a good look around before you get your camera out of your bag. Use the information from your research and look for details and descriptions. Again, take your time and be sure not to just come up to everything at eye level.

The Warrior Mother-Victoria Memorial Kolkata
The Warrior Mother-Victoria Memorial Kolkata

In locations like an old palace, you will likely be surrounded by interesting articles, monuments and artefacts on display, and intricate details covering the walls, pillars and ceilings. Take note of anything of particular interest and be sure to come back to it after you’ve had a good look around.

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