Smaranika: The Amazing Tram Museum of Kolkata

Inaugurated in 2014, the Tram Museum of Kolkata, Smaranika, is a refurbished, vintage 1938 tram, whose interiors have been renovated to serve the purpose of a museum that showcases rare and interesting tram memorabilia, ranging from the early days of the mode of transportation to the present. The collection includes rare photos of old Calcutta streets, replicas of the earliest trams like horse-drawn tram cars, omnibus, flat wagon trams, watering trams and more. Other exhibits include old tram passes and coupons, coin-exchanger machine, uniforms and caps used by the conductors and various tram parts like a red lamp, governor switch, pull-off springs and more. One would also find displays of newspaper cuttings and pamphlets of various festivals around the world celebrating tram journeys and posters glorifying trams of Kolkata in literature. The entry tickets to the museum are also designed as tram tickets, keeping with the museum’s theme. The Tram Museum of Kolkata is a must visit for travel lovers who want to explore the city of Joy. Tram can be considered as one aspect which gives the city a charm of publicity.Series of transformations & renovations from horses to electricity has never deprived the Tram of its luxorious,easy going lifestyle profitably status.Tied with an ecofriendly tag ,Tram has never seemed shabby & sluggish meandering smoothly through the lush greens,madding crowds & the jammed traffics.Kolkatan Tram has unheralded a new chapter in the transport sector where the euphoria of the younger ones has changed to aversion and ridicule as he grew up older.

Kolkata, the City of Joy has been enchanting me, since childhood, of her glorified past and also the time at present.This blog is made with the intention to give you a brief and photographic detail of the famous spots of Kolkata with a pinch of little-known history behind it.