Rare pictures of Old Calcutta (Kolkata) : Part-2


 Rare Pictures of Old Calcutta Tram 30s

This Rare picture of Old Calcutta Tram was probably taken near Kidderpore during the 30s. The volume of passengers reminds of today’s Local Train. Courtesy Life Images Rare pictures of Old Calcutta

The "Malishwallahs" (Masseur) of Babooghat in 1940
The “Malishwallahs” (Masseur) of Babooghat in 1940. You still can have this kind of experience by spending few hundred bucks at Babughat, only if your body permits this massive pressure. Getty Images- Rare pictures of Old Calcutta
The Clay Artisans of Kumhartolly , Calcutta 1928.
The Clay Artisans of Kumhartolly , Calcutta 1928. Getty Images. These Clay Models represents Hindu Deities being worshipped at Pandals during auspicious seasons.


streets of Calcutta flood
3rd September 1937: The streets of Calcutta were turned into rivers after rains in the monsoon season were heavier than usual. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
 An aerial view of Calcutta
1932: An aerial view of Calcutta, showing Governor House-Raj Bhawan (large white structure to the left), The General Post Office (with white dome) and the Esplanade Curzon Park in the foreground. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
A food queue in Calcutta
1946: A food queue in Calcutta near Firpo’s (present New Market), after four days of rioting and looting. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images) Rare pictures of Old Calcutta

Kolkata, the City of Joy has been enchanting me, since childhood, of her glorified past and also the time at present.This blog is made with the intention to give you a brief and photographic detail of the famous spots of Kolkata with a pinch of little-known history behind it.