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How many times did you actually notice the old dilapidated building that you might have come across in your locality? How many times, in reality, you did try to find the origin of the name associated with your vicinity? If any of the above questions ring a bell in your mind then my blog  ( Kolkata Photowalks)might be of some interest to you. Believe me, creating a Blog on  330 years young  Kolkata  City is a mammoth task. It calls for a lot of research and countless hours of study. Some of my initial posts were truly made in a haste and lacks proper insight. But in my recent blogs, I have addressed this problem. Finally,  I humbly request you all to comment, like, share my blog if you find it absorbing. Also, I have added up with some tips on Photography in the blog.  More such tips & tricks to follow. Though I believe you will find myriads of blogs on this particular topic, I will try to make as simple as possible keeping the essence of the subject intact.

I also insist my readers, come up with suggestions, recommendations about how can I improve my blog? Which are the topics that you find engaging and enticing?

Please send me comments, notes on how you want me to design the blog, do you need more tools to improve the readability?



Santanu Raychaudhuri